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We believe books are wonderful, cherished possessions that belong in the hands of our youth. Birthdays should not be limited only to those that can afford one. Giving a stocking to the children of Dayton every year. Thanks to Job and Family Services. A special day like Prom or Homecoming should never be ruined as a result of not being able to afford the attire. A healthy meal is important, especially for those who would otherwise receive no meal at all. Speak out against toxic bullying in our school districts. Contact FLOC at For Love of Children Enrichment and educational support for children.

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Christmas for Kids Every child deserves a special Christmas. Comfort A Child Helping children during some of their most vulnerable times to find comfort.

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The Betsy Hoobler Skill Center Tutoring children and providing help with their studies to keep their future looking as bright as possible. Tools for School Being equipped with the right tools to succeed in class should not simply be a privilege. Grant A Wish Help make wishes come true for those that need it most. Read to Me We believe books are wonderful, cherished possessions that belong in the hands of our youth.

Anchor Center offers infant, toddler, preschool, home visit, family support and outreach programs to teach blind and visually impaired children life skills such as mobility and pre-literacy, and to prepare them for kindergarten in the public school system. Talk about playing an important role in the community! From my very first visit to Anchor Center , I was amazed by all the ways in which the building itself is a teaching tool for the children.

The Wish Granting Christmas Tree - 2017 Filmgate Christmas Film

From special acoustics, to light and textures, the design of the building enhances the children's understanding of the world. I was particularly struck by the use of light and color in the space, and I enjoyed learning how various colors help guide the children who are able to see some light. At Anchor Center, a grand hallway leads to all the classrooms with a "light walk" on the floor that simulates natural light. Up above, colored skylights glow in subtle blue, yellow and red to alert children to each of the three classroom pods.

Colored lights near the classroom doors also help the children to find their way. The first classroom pod - blue - focuses on the spirit, and includes a quiet room, infant classroom, and sibling care room. The second classroom pod - yellow - focuses on the mind, and includes spaces for literacy and art.

Christmas music

This classroom has optimal lighting sources and high contrast to use vision in play. The third classroom pod - red - features a large "Motor Room" for running, jumping, scooting, rolling and crawling. The east wall of the Motor Room - known as the Kaleidoscope Discovery Wall - is covered in colored glass windows and nooks that invite children to explore and learn the concepts of room and space. After learning about the importance of light, and the red, yellow, and blue colors that help to guide the children throughout the center, I knew that this was exactly how the Christmas tree for Anchor Center should be decorated.

To help bounce around the lights on the tree - and to add a great texture - I started with shiny tinsel in red, gold, and blue. I then wrapped the branches in strings of round plastic beads in the same three colors. I chose all plastic and shatterproof ornaments because I wanted the parents and teachers to feel free to let the kids explore the tree with their hands. While I used soft felt and knit ornaments on my tree at home to make it kid-friendly, I opted instead for shiny and glittery ornaments for Anchor Center to maximize the amount of light and shine on the Christmas tree.

Finally, I wanted to incorporate anchors into the tree design in honor of the Center's name, so I came up with a very simple method for making mess-free gold glitter anchor ornaments - so simple, in fact, that my boys were able to get involved and help me make them! My mom and I spent hours setting up the tree and tying strings to every ornament so that there would be no hooks on the tree - again, keeping it safe for exploring hands!

And when we were finally finished, I was thrilled to present the tree to Dawn, my new friend and the Special Events Coordinator for Anchor Center! The day of the big Christmas party, I received a photo of several kids enjoying the tree, and my heart nearly burst!

Here's What to Write in a Christmas Card This Year

This is what the holiday season is all about! These kids may not see this tree the same way that you and I do, but they are able to appreciate and experience its beauty in their own special ways! Shape Created with Sketch. The 20 best Christmas films - ranked Show all He refuses at first — but when his hair turns white, a beard and belly grow overnight, and children start approaching him with their wish lists, he reluctantly takes the mantle.

Film trailer editor Amanda Cameron Diaz and wedding columnist Iris Kate Winslet exchange homes over Christmas in an attempt to escape their terrible love lives. A bizarre and macabre Santa Claus origin story, this Finnish fantasy horror follows a group of Lapland natives who stumble upon the secret of Father Christmas. To say any more would be to spoil the twisted fun. Featuring a reimagined version of the title song, which Bing Crosby introduced in Holiday Inn over a decade earlier, White Christmas was intended to reunite Crosby with Fred Astaire for their third Irving Berlin showcase musical.

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Astaire declined the project, and eventually Danny Kaye starred instead, as an aspiring entertainer alongside Crosby. The resulting film was a box office smash and a subsequent classic. Astaire missed out. Though this made-for-television film is far from the most famous reimagining, it is one of the best — thanks in no small part to perfectly pitched performances from Patrick Stewart and Richard E Grant.

Sick of playing juvenile roles, Judy Garland nearly turned down her role as the lovesick Esther Smith in this musical comedy. When she finally agreed to do it, the production was marred by her erratic behaviour — she would regularly turn up to set hours late, or not turn up at all. Lost in New York : It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Home Alone franchise went on for three films too long — but this first sequel is surprisingly wonderful.

Naturally, over the course of this Christmas comedy horror, all three of those rules are broken. The ensuing chaos makes for riotous viewing. His tactic worked. Bolstered by strong performances from James Caan, Mary Steenburgen and Zooey Deschanel, Elf manages to be both self-aware and defiantly uncynical. In fact, this tale of a down-on-his-luck bank clerk James Stewart driven to the brink of suicide, before a trainee angel shows him what the world would have been like without him spoiler: much worse , is deeply emotionally draining.

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ADRA Australia Grant a Wish Gift Catalogue by ADRA Australia - Issuu

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