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Through the Federal Reserve, the banksters could loan money, shape the world landscape, and become one of the most powerful organizations in the world. In , seven men met on Jekyll island just off the coast of Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Morgan Illuminati. The Rothschilds were the banking agents for the Jesuits and held 'the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church. The Federal Reserve did have some opposition. Their total wealth, at that time, using dollar values of their day was more than million dollars.

J.P. Morgan and the Transportation Kings: The Titanic and Other Disasters -

Today that amount of money would be worth nearly eleven billion dollars. These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace. They had to be destroyed because the Jesuits knew these men would use their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank as well as the various wars that were being planned. Morgan, the individual contracted to build the Titanic was scheduled to be on the maiden voyage, but canceled his trip.

The Federal Reserve was installed as part of the Federal Reserve Act in December of , roughly one year and eight months after the Titanic tragedy. World War I was ignited less than a year later.

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Theorists believe that the Federal Reserve and the Jesuits were responsible for funding the United States, Germany, and Russia in the war. The surviving crew members of the Titanic were held for 24 hours after returning to England in a small railway shed and were sworn to secrecy. Two sister ships were built at the same time; the Olympic and the Titanic.

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Were these sister ships switched? The evidence says that they were. Some people believe that this is what then happened:. It would cost a lot to repair it and, it would delay the launching of the Titanic by months. So, what could they do? They needed a reliable ship, and needed it for 10th April But it was already too late. It is here that the unthinkable happened. Bruce Ismay and J. Morgan, realize that if the Titanic does not go to sea on April 10th, they are going to have big money problems from passenger refunds — especially when the price of coal was at an all time high due to the coal strikes.

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They told Captain Smith a Jesuit their plans. They would cancel all other White Star Crossings for a week surrounding the Titanic sailing, so that they would not have to pay for coal. Passengers affected by this would be offered a cheap ticked on the Titanic so that White Star would make money on it. Captain Smith was paid handsomely for sinking his ship on the fifth day. He was told that everyone would be safe, as they would make sure ships were in the vicinity of the accident. Smith agreed. However, some objects were forgotten.

She sank, taking 1, souls with her. JP Morgan and White Star now had a problem. They could claim money on the Titanic Olympic sinking but, they would have to pay the bereaved. The following is the best documentary of all. The most damning evidence is at the end. The greatest tragedies in the last two hundred years can be traced to the Jesuits.

We will now show that the Jesuits planned and carried out the sinking of the Titanic, and we will show why they did it. The Jesuits desperately wanted another central bank in America so that they would have a bottomless reservoir from which to draw money for their many wars and other hideous schemes around the world. In , seven men met on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia to establish a central bank, which they called the Federal Reserve Bank.

What happened to the other 2 Titanics?

Morgan; and Paul Warburg, representing the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe. Nelson Aldrich. Frank Vanderlip. These cohorts of the Jesuits favored the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Henry Davison. Paul Warburg. Paul Warburg, representing the House Of Rothschild financial empire was also a cohort of the Jesuits who favored the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Morgans were friendly competitors with the Rothschilds and became socially close to them.

Thereafter, Morgan appears to have served as a Rothschild financial agent and went to great length to appear totally American…. Eventually, they decided to minimize their competition by entering into joint ventures. In the end, they worked together to create a national banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System.

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These three financial families, the Rothschilds, Morgans, and Rockefellers all do the bidding of the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit infiltration in their organizations. They do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and to bring the pope to world domination. As we look back over the 20th century, we see how successful the Jesuits have been. They have continued to squander the wealth of America and continually attack its great constitution and civil liberties.

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Daily, the power of the pope in Vatican City increases. One day they will achieve total power again. The building of the Titanic began in at a shipyard in Belfast, the capitol of Northern Ireland. Belfast was a Protestant haven and was hated by the Jesuits. World War One began just a few years later. The Titanic was one of a fleet of ships owned by the White Star Line, an international shipping company.

Banking was not the only business in which Morgan had a strong financial interest. There were a number of very rich and powerful men who made it abundantly clear that they were not in favor of the Federal Reserve System. Morgan was ordered by the Jesuits to build the Titanic. These rich and powerful men would have been able to block the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and their power and fortunes had to be taken out of their hands.

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We will send you an SMS containing a verification code. Please double check your mobile number and click on "Send Verification Code". Enter the code below and hit Verify. Free Shipping All orders of Cash on Delivery Pay for your order in cash at the moment the shipment is delivered to your doorstep. It was also agreed in the new regulations that all passenger vessels would have sufficient lifeboats for everyone on board, that appropriate safety drills would be conducted, and that radio communications on passenger ships would be operated 24 hours along with a secondary power supply, so as not to miss distress calls.

In addition, it was agreed that the firing of red rockets from a ship must be interpreted as a distress signal red rockets launched from the Titanic prior to sinking were mistaken by nearby vessels as celebratory fireworks, delaying rescue. This treaty was scheduled to go into effect on 1 July but was upstaged by World War I. The sinking of Titanic changed the way passenger ships were designed.