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  1. W. W. Baggally
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And to this day, I have no explanation for it other than that she somehow had read my mind. The odds against two people thinking of the specific phrase Thane of Cawdor within the space of an hour are astronomical.

W. W. Baggally

In theory, then, if I could somehow access those recorded images, I could resurrect all sorts of detail. Behind me was his bookshelf, and ostensibly my brain had a detailed megapixel image of that shelf. Naveen challenged me to try it. What I did next was a little like passing a request for a book to a librarian.

While you wait, she forages among the books and comes back with what you wanted. After some time, the number popped into my head.

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Naveen took a count of the books, and to our amazement, it was the exact number of books there. Over the following weeks, I repeated the experiment in different settings — guessing the number people in a crowd after just a glance, the number of buttons in a collection, and so on.

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My best friend from school, Sugata Mitra who later won the TED prize of a million dollars for his pioneering work on child-driven education shared my weird interests, and we began to talk about telepathy. Sugata knew a simple test that Russian labs used to assess telepathic potential. Chose from five shapes — square, triangle, circle, waves and cross — and try and communicate your choice telepathically to your partner.

We did this with about 10 people, precisely recording what we noticed. In each case, the person would exit his or her current pose within a few seconds. So for our last subject, we picked a fat man with his back to us, and instructed him to reach behind and touch the middle of his back. Not only an unnatural pose but also, we thought, uncomfortable for a fat man with podgy arms. As with the others, he grew fidgety almost immediately. A short while later, he reached all the way behind and did something completely natural — he picked up his sweat-stuck shirt between his fingers, peeled it off his back, and fluffed it back and forth several times to let some air in.

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The future of Power : Multinationals like Facebook want to wrestle control of the monetary system away from nation states. The future of Work : Your boss is already reading your emails. What happens when they can track your every move?

Twin Telepathy: Fact or Fiction? | Premier Exhibitions

Read every Future Of Everything story so far. However the technology is still in an embryonic stage, and aside from the dangers of implantation, the greater risks of ceasing human speech loom large. This piece is part of Metro.

From OBEs to CEOs, professors to futurologists, economists to social theorists, politicians to multi-award winning academics, we think we've got the future covered, away from the doom-mongering or easy Minority Report references. Every week - new pieces every Wednesday morning - we're explaining what's likely or not likely to happen.

Scientists Prove That Telepathic Communication Is Within Reach

Hudson metro. So much communication between humans is already silent.

As an example, over 55 billion WhatsApp messages are sent every day. The best of The Future Of Everything A weekly look into the future new pieces every Wednesday morning The future of Numbers : What comes after the giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta and yottabyte?